Brunner Energie


Brunner Energieberatung LLC supports private and public customers in the following two core areas:

Reduction of energy use, emissions and production costs in industry

  • Energy and process optimisation by means of the pinch analysis
  • Support in the implementation of measures as client representative
  • Evaluation and assessment (energy, costs, profitability) of (alternative) energy concepts
  • Support in the elaboration and achievement of CO2-targets
  • Elaboration and analysis of measurement concepts
  • Initiation and quality assurance of energy management systems

Your benefits

  • Reduction of energy use and production costs by 10-40 % with economic measures
  • Optimisation of investment costs in new constructions as well as retrofits
  • Less measurement points, yet more meaningful measurements
  • Ambitious and feasible CO2-targets, achievement of these targets

Expertises, teaching and coaching in the context of energy optimization

  • Teaching of energy consultants, plant manufacturers and technical project leaders in industry to apply the pinch analysis in a practice-oriented way
  • Energy consulting as an expert for pinch-analysis and industrial processes for industry and federal government
  • Expertises in the context of CO2-legislation for industry and federal government
  • Elaboration of energy guides in industry sectors, teaching of the developed principles
  • Quality assurance of energy statistics and energy balances

Your benefits

  • Single-handed or coached implementation of energy optimisations in your company/industrial sector
  • Achievement of CO2-targets
  • Quality assured energy statistics and balances in line with your demand