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Florian Brunner graduated in environmental engineering at ETH Zurich in 2006. During 9 years (thereof 10 years at Helbling Beratung + Bauplanung AG), he reduced CO2 emissions in a broad variety of companies in industry fields such as food, beverages, textiles, paper/carton/tissue, chemistry, metals and machines.

He is today an accepted expert in the fields of pinch analysis and energy optimisation in industry and works in this context for the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art as well as the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE. He is author of the guide «Energieeffizienz in Käsereien» and the handbook «Einführung in die Prozessintegration mit der Pinch-Methode».

Brunner Energieberatung GmbH

Florian Brunner
Flüelastrasse 31A
CH-8047 Zürich

T +41 44 500 22 64

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